Cold War II Demo

by Combat Shock

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released February 23, 2016

Vladimir - vocals
Sergey - rhythm guitar
Yaroslav - lead guitar
Pavel - bass
Yan - drums

Recorded February 2016 at 2S Studio
Engineered and mixed by Alexey Uvarov
Artwork by Max Sly



all rights reserved


Combat Shock Saint Petersburg, Russia

Legion of doom

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Track Name: Barbarian Stomp
Legion of nomads
Legion of doom
Iron horse riders
In the metal storm

Hear this evil beat
Of a million feet
Eastern tribes of pagans
On the dawn of red heat

Conquered western lands
Broken state border
Heathen horde of chaos
Will built new world order

Mutilated bodies
Rivers full of blood
Ruins of big cities
Buried in the mud

Burning your hometown
To the barren ground
They’re coming after you
Destroying all around

You can run
But you can’t hide
No way to escape
Just gonna die

Nobody can stop…

Eastern nomads are born by your fear
From prejudges and ignorance all the wars begin
Track Name: Dead Hand
New world crisis
Destroying all peace ways
Sets world on fire
Doomsday begins now

Cold hand of fate
Cold hand of grim reaper
Brings humanity to its end

Relic of the cold war
System strikes back
We all will burn to pieces
Get ready – you are next

Cold hand of fate
Cold hand of grim reaper
Brings humanity to nuclear death

Sirens are screaming
Warheads are raining from the sky
Hear the blast
Make last breath and now you’ll die

Preemptive nuclear strike
That’s your main plan
Now it’s falling
By the cold hand of death

Cold hand of fate
Cold hard of grim reaper
Track Name: Cold War II
World is still separated
World is still battlefield
Thirty peaceful years
Were just a myth

Against all declarations
Of partnership and peace
Creating one polar world
To control it all

Down but not out
Searching for revenge
Hot points are flashing
Balancing on edge

Cold War generation!
Conflict escalation!
Global domination!
Mind manipulation!

World peace imitation!
History profanation!
Total devastation!
Can’t see a salvation!
Track Name: Combat Shock
There were a lot of battles
He survived the ruthless war
Sheets of napalm fire
Are still seen when eyes are tightly closed

Since soldier came back home
He’s not the same as he used to be
Surrounded by beloved ones
Who've become just a strangers

Combat Shock! War!
Society isn't a safe place for him
Combat Shock! Death!
The victim of a regime

In his deep dreams
He's cutting an enemy’s throat
It seems like the right thing
He has no doubt about it

The shame and the guilty
Are slowly destroying his mind
The inner conflict
Is reaching and tearing apart

Combat Shock! War!
No cure at the bottom of a glass
Combat Shock! Death!
Anger is out of a control

Combat Shock! War!
No peace in a civilian life
Combat Shock! Death!
Can’t find a way out

Don't have a will to live
A man of no tomorrow
You've suffered so deep
There is no path to follow

Just stop this eternal fight
Against all your demons
No way to survive
Become a living dead