by Combat Shock

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released July 20, 2017

Vladimir - vocals
Sergey - rhythm guitar
Yaroslav - lead guitar
Pavel - bass
K-Real - drums

Recorded May - June 2017 at 2S Studio
Enginereed by Alexey Uvarov
Guitar enginereed by Max Maslov
Mixed & mastered by Denis Popov
Artwork by Max Sly
Logo by Roman Chekhovsky



all rights reserved


Combat Shock Saint Petersburg, Russia

Legion of doom

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Track Name: Sacrifice
The state is broken to pieces
Borders are burning in flames of civil war
Mass murders and ethnic cleansing
The agony nobody saw before

Cities were drowned in innocent blood
Starting the wave of killing
Violence is your new found god
And that can't be forgiven

Sacrifice - on your eyes
Sacrifice - blood on ice
Sacrifice - cursed from birth
Sacrifice - hell on earth

Life on the ruins of the red empire
Like a maggot in the rotten corpse
Millions will burn in suicidal fire
Survivors’ destiny is even worse

Spreading the deadly disease
Drugs and alcohol addiction
Chained and falling on your knees
Voluntary crucifixion

There is no way out
From this living nightmare

Post-Soviet pride covered in dust
Doomed from the beginning
Inner conflict separated us
Destroying our way of living
Track Name: Victims
All your friends are dead
Victims of worthless war
Killed on command
In the name of valour

Missed in combat
Forgotten and lost
Nobody cares about
Your life's final cost

Alone in the face
Of imminent death
Praying for mercy
To the last breath

Surrounded by the enemies
Just one bullet in a barrel
Cornered like a wild beast
Shoot yourself in the age of quarrel

Another name in death list
Another mother lost her son
No one can take duty
In order what they have done
Track Name: Death Leads Us
Day by day, night by night
I feel that life is passing me by
Can't find the will to try
I will never see a light

I see only hatred and pain
World peace will not remain
It makes me sick every day
Besides misery I know nothing

This is a living hell
No man can escape
We suffer and die
That's the circle of life

Death leads us all
Unites us all
Awaits us all
Awaits us all

We may live in different ways
But destination is the same
Our destiny lies above
We're all going to rot

Through the life to the grave
No one will remember our names
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Eternal darkness is the end of the path

The meaningless of life
Dreams left behind
You lose what you love
That's the circle of life
Track Name: Doomsday
On the brink of mankind's end
Death will reign over every land
Doomsday machine can't be stopped
You can only pray to a God

Four horsemen are already here
To welcome you to a world of fear
Without trial we will be punished
Humankind is going will be vanished

Clocks are ticking, midnight will come
Doom is near, it's a final outcome
In the end humanity will fall

Realization comes too late
World is going down to hell's gate
Man is destructive by his nature
But pretends to be a creator

Endless wars, conflicts, disasters
Human race is a planetary cancer
We won't see the sunlight anymore
When the Day of judgment will come